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The integration of cryptocurrencies in the real economy

Cryptocurrencies nowadays continue to gain more and more investor confidence despite the uncertainties created by the cryptocurrency market lately. For people with high wealth and a position at the top of governments and other institutions, perhaps the continuation of the current monetary system can be beneficial. However, for those who want to survive from the impending collapse, cryptocurrencies show a good alternative.

2020 remains the year with the highest price records and unprecedented industrial news. Several central banks around the world have considered introducing digital currencies. Experts from reputable central banks, who participate in the board of directors of the central bank, evaluate to date the advantages and disadvantages of using digital currencies as an alternative financial instrument.

The structure of all cryptocurrencies and blockchain architecture is based on the original idea of ​​Bitcoin open source created in 2008.

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital asset. It has no physical existence, instead it is held and stored electronically. Its security is based on protocols and cryptographic algorithms.

Cryptocurrencies from experimental projects based on the enthusiasm and support of a community, have been converted into investment projects with budget, business plan and are evaluated on market terms.

The security of transactions and the certification of the possession of assets through cryptocurrencies is now taken for granted and is considered one of the main advantages of blockchain technology.

The first and only Greek cryptocurrency called HNC Coin appeared in the Greek economy in 2015.

HNC Coin works just like any other digital currency. For its transfer and storage you simply need the existence of a digital wallet.

The purpose of the dynamic and experienced team of HNC Coin is to conclude agreements with as many companies as possible in Greece and abroad, while investing in appropriate technological infrastructure. The contracted companies will accept the currency as a means of payment for their goods and services, thus making it an alternative means of payment, penetrating the real economy.

HNC Coin intends to be the know-how for the creation of new Blockchain applications, to connect with electronic trading platforms as a payment option as well as with the emerging sectors of energy, electricity, and environmental management and the tourism sector.

The world of cryptocurrencies is at a crossroads. Their technology has proven its reliability and this has opened the discussion for the wider acceptance of crypto and the use of blockchain technology in many applications.

The expansion of the use of cryptocurrencies will lead cryptocurrencies to adopt terms and practices to acquire the characteristics of traditional investment products such as legal framework, standardization, licenses, reliability, prestige.

HNC Coin anticipates and invests in this change, expecting to be in the club of crypto assets that will participate in this expansion.

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