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Mr. Tsapas is no longer the C.E.O of HNC Coin

Mr. Tsapas is no longer the C.E.O of HNC Coin

Following various recent press releases, the HNC Coin administrative team would like to confirm and clarify that:

After the recent events, Mr. Tsapas is no longer the C.E.O of HNC Coin and is therefore not involved in any decision-making concerning the smooth operation and further development of the HNC Coin project.

Mr. Tsapas joined the project as CEO in February 2020 while HNC Coin (formerly called as Hellenic Coin) was founded in February 2015 as the 1st Greek cryptocurrency.

It is therefore clear that Mr. Tsapas is neither the Founder nor the Owner of HNC Coin, as incorrectly referred to in many media and press releases.

Cryptocurrencies do not have single owners and HNC Coin could not be an exception to this. The HNC Coin owners are the thousands of coin holders (wallets) around the world.

Furthermore, through feverish work and continuous negotiations with new and existing investors the HNC Coin team has already managed to create the backbone of an experienced team with investment knowledge, consistency and responsibility – which undertakes the continuation and development of the project.

The new team – soon to be announced – is open to any proposal from interested investors who wish to join and strengthen this investment group and make the HNC Coin project even stronger and more decentralized.

We would also like to emphasize that, as the inaccurate media reports concerning HNC Coin are increasing and they affect the psychology of thousands of investors as well as the evolution of the cryptocurrency, we reserve the right to take all necessary actions in order to protect the credibility of the project and its investors from unfounded defamation.

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