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New Management Team is led by Mr. Claude Hallak

New Management Team is led by Mr. Claude Hallak

Further to our latest announcement and press release on Nov 17th 2021, we are glad to inform the International Financial Community that a new management team is taking over as from today November 26th, 2021, the management of “HNC Coin” crypto currency and the salvage of its current status which was affected by the events that have taken place the last 15 days with published articles in the Greek and International press as well as social media many of which were groundless and erroneous.

We would like to reiterate once again that Mr. Vangelis Tsapas is not the founder of the “HNC Coin” which was founded in 2015 by a group of Greek developers.

Mr. Vangelis Tsapas was acting as CEO of “HNC Coin” from February 2020 till November 8th 2021. He has never been the owner of “HNC Coin” or formerly “Hellenic Coin” as it was wrongly mentioned in the press and the media.

Mr. Tsapas other business activities are completely separate and not related to the “HNC Coin” and its smooth operation. “HNC Coin” presently operates exactly as it was operating the last years without any interruption.

Like any other crypto currency, the owners of HNC Coin are the thousand-coin holders from all over the world.

The new Management Team is led by Mr. Claude Hallak , a well-known Entrepreneur active in the Shipping Industry for the last forty (40) years.

In addition to Shipping, Mr. Claude Hallak has been equally active in the Oil and Insurance Industries. Mr. Hallak is one of the thousands existing “HNC coin” holders who was asked by many of its existing investors and its operations officers to take over the management (along with his highly experienced team) and the further development of “HNC Coin”:

The new Management Team consists of professional managers and investors from the Shipping and Oil Industry who trust and share Mr. Hallak’s vision and strongly believe in the positive future of the “HNC Coin” as well as its licensed and regulated Crypto Exchange HNC REVOLUTION.

Least but not last, we would like to reassure the Global Crypto Community that HNC’s roadmap will be executed even more satisfactorily by changing some key points.  HNC’s security has been successfully audited (security audit from as well as its liability assessed (legal opinion from

We will revert soon with exciting news which will enhance positively the future development of “HNC Coin” and its exchange platform HNC Revolution.

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