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Dear Valued Investors,

We are glad to inform you that the period of difficult navigation has passed and that the project is now refloating again.

We would like to thank warmly all those who have supported HNC Coin during the last (3) three difficult months.

The new management team, consisting partly of existing investors having been pushed by the circumstances to take over the Management , have now acquired a big percentage of knowledge of what is behind HNC Coin and the Challenging World of the Crypto currencies and the Blockchain Technology. For those investors who are not familiar of what is behind the scenes to make any crypto project stand and proceed successfully we would strongly recommend familiarizing themselves as much as possible so they can both appreciate and assist the Management team in its short and long terms missions for the benefit of our whole community.

We are today pleased to be able to announce to the Global community our strategically important decision of releasing all the restricted HNC Coin according to the following schedule:
25% on 5th February 2022
25% on 5th March 2022
25% on 5th April 2022
25% on 5th May 2022

We are more than confident that such a decision will bring comfort and confidence to all the existing investors as well as the future ones. Like every similar crypto project, we are in utmost need of the support of our community both financially and with ideas at all moments and we strongly believe that any hopeful future success of our project will be attributed in major part to our community’s support.

Hence, we call upon all existing and future investors to join us by any mean possible to each one which will contribute to the fruitful development of HNC Coin.

Kindly rest always assured of our Transparency and devotion for the project. Patience, devotion, persistence, hard work and courage are the features which with no doubt will secure the success….

Claude Hallak

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